Friday, July 12, 2013

Two of a Kind-Susan Mallery

Two of a Kind

Susan Mallery

Harlequin HQN, Jun 25 2013. $7.99

ISBN: 9780373777686

In Fool’s Gold, California, certified as an off the charts genius Felicia Swift may be proficient in hand to hand combat, but the American spider she spots in the warehouse does not have hands. Her scream brings Gideon Boylan running to protect her. She explains she came to town with military friends seeking a mundane community life while stunned he resides here as a semi-hermit.

Felicia and Gideon shared the night of their life when both were overseas. However, though she wants a lifetime of that night, he cannot emotionally connect with anyone beyond superficial. PTSD sufferer Gideon remains locked inside the nightmare of his black ops team captured, tortured and murdered. Not one to surrender, Felicia mounts a campaign the Pentagon would admire with the objective to win his heart though complicated by his son. She fails strategically to recognize she already has his heart, but not his soul as he lost that on his last deployment.

The latest Fool’s Gold romance (see Just One Kiss) is a poignant gripping tale that allows the audience to see deep into the anguished mind of a PTSD inflicted veteran. With suicides and domestic violence by returning soldiers very high, the profoundness also makes Gideon’s abrupt of conquering his relationship fears unlikely; even rationalizing this is a romance. Still series fans will appreciate Two of a Kind as the lonely genius and the lonely soldier find love may end or amplify their loneliness.

Harriet Klausner

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