Thursday, July 4, 2013

Black Market Medicine-Cassandra Collins

Black Market Medicine

Cassandra Collins

Haikalis Publishing & Art, Jul 1 2011, $16.95

Baltimore, MD

ISBN: 9780615418094

The U.S. Healthcare Distribution System Act of 2045 declared the federal government as the sole proprietor of healthcare to all citizens. The bureaucracy makes all medial decisions based on formulaic allotments.

In 2075 Janis suffers from painful cancer, but her medical apportionment was reduced. Caregiver 42 offers her nothing as rules matter not patients. Desperate Janis pleads with God but like the government the lord ignores her need. Finally unable to take it any longer, Janis looks back to what her mom said about healthcare before the takeover. At the same time dedicated providers seek ways around a rigid system to treat their patients.

Using interrelated anecdotal struggles by providers and patients, Black Market Medicine is a timely strong condemnation of healthcare in America that makes a powerful case of keeping the government (albeit Obamacare and anti-abortion legislation) out of the system. The insurance companies can be substituted for the feds as supply is controlled by the biggies forcing demand at times to go outside the legal system (for example buying prescription drugs in Canada). With the key fully developed players drowning in a process that demands don’t use logic and passion, only follow the regulations; readers will feel the horror of a failed by the book system that forces many to turn to the black market for their medical needs.

Harriet Klausner

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