Thursday, July 4, 2013

How To Melt A Frozen Heart-Cara Colter

How To Melt A Frozen Heart

Cara Colter

Harlequin Romance, Jul 2 2013, $5.99

ISBN: 9780373742493

At three in the morning, nonagenarian Deedee Ashton calls her late granddaughter Becky’s husband Brendan Grant saying Charlie is dying before hanging up. The widower architect knows he needs his sleep to function, has a ground breaking ceremony for his Village on the Lake complex project, and dislikes Charlie; however this is grandmother-in-law Deedee so he drives to her nearby place on the prestigious Hansen neighborhood The Hill.

Unable to refuse any Deedee request even the insane, Brendan drives her and Charlie the cat to a pet healer in nearby Creighton Creek. She claims Nora Anderson as able to cure ailments with a “gift” of the touch; he assumes a quack or con artist. Brendan and Nora meet when she is hurt in accident while checking on horses. They are attracted to each other but neither wants these feelings as the architect feels guilt for coming alive and the animal rescuer was burned by her ex-fiancé when she became her fourteen year old nephew’s guardian.

This is a tender contemporary romance in which WC Fields’ witty comment “Never work with ... animals” comes to mind. Cara Colter provides an engaging second chance at love tale as she learns How To Melt A Frozen Heart and he learns how to mend a broken heart.

Harriet Klausner

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