Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Me On The Floor, Bleeding-Jenny Jagerfeld

Me On The Floor, Bleeding

Jenny Jagerfeld

Stockholm Text, Jul 2 2013, $6.99


In a sculpture class at St Erik’s Sixth Form College in Stockholm, seventeen year old Maja Mueller works on a shelf using an electric saw when she slices off the top of her thumb. Enzo fell to the floor while instructor Jonas Valter calmly unplugged the dropped running wild blade. However, Simon sets the tone by taking pictures with his cell to place on the internet.

After Dr. Levine stitches the wound and throws out the thumb tip, Valter tells her he contacted her dad but was unable to reach her mom. Her dad, her teacher and her classmates believe Maja purposely cut off her thumb tip though she denies doing that deliberately. Maja calls and texts her mom but she fails to respond. Still this is her weekend with her mom so she takes the train from her dad's home where she lives in Ornsberg to spend time in Norrkoping. When she arrives she finds her mom is not there. She decides to stay anyway as she hopes to wish her mom a happy forty-fifth birthday in person. Maja spends the weekend alone thinking about life while worrying about her mom who never failed to meet her at the station; whether she intended to cut off her thumb; another wood attack with a splinter in her foot; and an attraction.

This is an entertaining coming of age Swedish character study starring a delightful teenager struggling with who she is and who she wants to be. Besides obtaining a vivid sense of the greater Stockholm area, readers will appreciate this drama as marvelous Maja transitions from immature teen to mature young adult.

Harriet Klausner

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