Tuesday, July 23, 2013

To Sin With A Viking-Michelle Willingham

To Sin With A Viking

Michelle Willingham

Harlequin Historical, Jul 23 2013, $6.50

ISBN: 9780373297504

In A. D. 875 Ireland, Caragh O’Brannon fears her tribe is running out of food. Many have already starved to death and Caragh’s parents died last year when her father drowned trying to catch fish and her mother simply stopped living. Her two older brothers hope to trade a gold brooch for food; while she, her younger sibling Brendan and others struggle to stay alive.

Styr Hardrata knows his marriage to Elena is on the rocks, but hopes the sea journey from Hordafylke saves it. When his vessel sails near Caragh’s tribe; her people attack him, his mate and other Vikings on board in order to sell the ship for needed food. Brendan grabs Elena, but before Styr can bury his battleax into the lad, Caragh hammers his ear with a staff. Separated from his spouse, Styr gets free and captures his guard Caragh to use as a hostage to rescue Elena though he loathes his attraction to his former warden when he is duty bound to his wife.

This Forbidden Vikings Dark Ages romance is an entertaining historical made fresh by the complex relationships as the hero struggles between love for Caragh and being honor bound to Elena. The key to the engaging storyline is that Elena is a good person and not a shrew; and her husband knows that. Michelle Willingham provides a wonderful tale that has readers believe they are on a ninth century Irish island facing starvation.

Harriet Klausner

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