Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Education-Susan Choi

My Education

Susan Choi

Viking, Jul 2 2013, $26.95

ISBN 9780670024902

In 1992, for her first week at the university, new graduate student Regina Gottlieb attends orientation. The most interesting information she received was the excessively oft repeated warning to keep her distance from Professor Nicholas Brodeur; impossible to do as he her instructor.

Lacking confidence that she belongs at this school, Regina is stunned as no one added the label to the warnings that Brodeur was gorgeous. Her only friend so far Casper summed it up between bedding the hunk and being the hunk. When Brodeur offers her the position of his teaching assistant, Regina’s self-esteem rises immensely. Her roommate Dutra tells her to accept and take more from him. Though his TA, Regina avoids him on a personal level. However when she meets Brodeur’s wife Martha, Regina cannot resist the attraction. The two women begin a heated affair that both know but each ignores the warning that this can only end badly for them.

Though the intriguing storyline follows the anticipated course, My Education is a strong drama due the fully developed caring cast, especially the lead couple. Character driven by the charismatic professor’s spouse and the under confident needy student, readers will appreciate this enticing romance that seems destined for doom.

Harriet Klausner

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