Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chasing Atlantis-Kelly Coughlin

Chasing Atlantis

Kelly Coughlin

Outskirts Press, Jul 16 2013, $17.95

ISBN: 9781478703631

Teenager Amy Jane prefers remaining home with her dad in San Antonio for the summer. However, her desires are irrelevant as she travels to Vero Beach to spend her two-month vacation with her snobbish mom and Mr. Perfect Steve.

Upon arriving in Florida, Amy Jane sees how beautiful her mom and Steve are. The next day at the public beach she notices all the females entranced ogling three lifeguards. The trio stares at Amy Jane; who notices the women looking at her with ire. One of the lifeguards Ty asks if she remembers him; she says no. He tells her to leave as her kind is unwelcome here. Her mom and Steve escort Amy Jane to dinner with their friends the Greys as she wants to match up her daughter with their son Adam. Stunned as the parents no longer look leathery but instead lovely and Adam is a hunk not a big nose, Amy Jane assumes Steve is a plastic surgeon. When a fanged female stalks her, Ty rescues her. As she begins to learn the truth, Amy Jane and Ty fall in love while battling to prevent evil that covets the Texas teen.

Chasing Atlantis is a thrilling urban fantasy in which the deliberate set up and early pace enables readers to believe in the Coughlin realm of horror. The beleaguered heroine keeps the storyline focused as she deals with her controlling mom but also fears Steve is Svengali to her mother’s Trilby while not coping well with especially Ty, but also his brothers and Adam. The truth proves much more perilous as older teens and adults will enjoy Amy Jane’s fabulous Floridian adventures.

Harriet Klausner

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