Thursday, July 18, 2013

Triburia-Karl Taro Greenfeld


Karl Taro Greenfeld

Harper Perennial, Jul 16 2013, $14.99

ISBN: 9780062132406

Mark, the 113 North Moore half-breed Sound Engineer, enjoyed breakfast with other fathers who like him dropped their children off at the school. However, that changes when he sees a picture of a child molester that even his two young daughters insist looks like him. His magazine editor wife prefers being stoned and his oldest child is the school bully. Thanks to one of the fathers in his breakfast club Sumner, the Tribeca community including the cops thinks he is the molester though the perv is allegedly a Caucasian. In spite of working on isolating a recording for the police, he remains the neighborhood‘s accused. At home things are not better as he turns to the eighteen year old babysitter while his wife remains high as she never recovered from her brother vanishing.

113 North Moore is the fabulous overarching tale that runs through this fabulous brisk collection. Other entries starring residents of nearby addresses also are included. For instance the tale about attending high school with his beautiful older sister and her car accident by the fashion photographer of 145 Greenwich that he often relates to his partner Oliver and their adopted son; 104 West Broadway writes a memoir; the father in 65 Hudson is having an affair with a woman who looks like a sister to his wife. The shorts are all quite good with each first person entry containing completeness yet also adding to the entire novel look at the Lower Manhattan triangular neighborhood though 79 Worth cruising the Mediterranean is not on the Hudson.

Harriet Klausner

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