Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Leopard-K.V. Johansen

The Leopard

K.V. Johansen

Pyr, Jun 10 2014, $18.00

ISBN 9781616149031


Though none except one has seen or heard the God The Lady of the Deep Well, Lady of Marakand, she is the most worshipped of the deity triad.  Her followers believe she speaks to them through the Voice of the Lady of Marakand, also cloaked in dark secrecy.  Claiming their God ordered them, the Voice of the Lady of Marakand commands the Red Masks to violently attack their neighbors; anyone who resists is to be slaughtered brutally except for the chosen ones who will serve as mockeries bowing to the Lady. 


Heir to Queen Catigga of Suina Catarina and sister of High King Durandu of Duina Andara, Deyandara has felt the wrath of the Red Masks as her royal aunt failed the Goddess Catairanach and paid the price along with most of her subjects.  Deyandara knows she is fortunate to have survived the carnage, but thirsts for revenge knowing only one being might be able to succeed.  Deyandara travels to Sand Cove in the Tributary Lands to plead with the multi-cursed assassin Ahjvar the Leopard to eliminate the Voice.  In return to murdering the abomination, Catairanach will grant Ahjvar his one wish: death.


The Leopard introduces readers to a fascinating fierce fantasy world filled with an intriguing cast especially the mysterious vile villain.  Several threads are begun, but none completed as this opening act comes across as an interesting prequel to a good and evil saga.


Harriet Klausner

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