Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Night Shifters-Sarah A. Hoyt

Night Shifters

Sarah A. Hoyt

Baen, Jun 3 2014, $14.99

ISBN: 9781476736518


“Draw One in the Dark.”  In Goldport, Colorado, the George waitress Kyrie the panther-shifter hears a scream so she steps outside and follows the odor of blood to a corpse.  Near the body is Tom the Nordic dragon with blood on him.  They shift to human form and she takes him home to his devastated apartment where three Oriental dragons attack them.  The panther fights back until Tom takes them out of harm’s way.  At her place, Rafiel the lion shifter tells her that the ancient great sky dragon apparently is breaking shifter canon by massacring their kind with Tom as the focus of a hunt for the Pearl of Heaven.


“Gentleman Takes a Chance.”  While a blizzard paralyzes Goldport, GPD officer Rafiel investigates homicides at the Aquarium in which his lion essence smells a shifter.  At the same time, while Tom showers the great sky dragon telepathically communicates with him; terrorized he loses control and shifts destroying the room.  He and Kyrie head to the George for shelter.  Conan the red dragon explains to Kyrie that the great sky dragon ordered him to keep Tom safe.


This omnibus contains the first two enjoyable Shifter urban fantasies.  Draw One in the Dark is slower than Gentleman Takes a Chance as much of the opening act introduces readers to the civilian lives of former foster child Kyrie and kicked out of his family home as a teen (for shifting) Tom.  With an engaging overarching theme involving dragons and a myriad of other shifter-types, the twisting exciting fun comes from the downside of shifting; i.e.; the bathroom.


Harriet Klausner

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