Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Shimmer-R.L Hayden


R.L Hayden

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Mar 4 2014, $16.00

ISBN: 9781496105370


Elderly Howard and Marge Masting search for their Uncle James’s mine.  They stop for cold drinks at a frontier town before returning to their hotel in nearby Kingman, Arizona.  To their shock the couple thought they were gone for hours only to learn days passed.  Kingman Police Officer Billy Gomez accompanies the couple to the location of the town, but nothing is there except their drinking glasses.  Looking back as they leave, the couple sees a shimmer and a 1940s village that quickly vanishes.


Rick Prescott learns what the Masting couple claims they saw and that they disappeared one year ago, three months after their encounter.  He buys from their distraught daughter a detailed diary of their find and visits Sarina Lake who has kept her distance from Rick after the flying saucer violent mishmash (see Cover-Up).  They travel to the site accompanied by Gomez and repeat the Masting phenomena of shimmering in and out towns.  This leads them to a saucer and its survivor “Wilma”.  Soon the couple heads to Yellowknife, Canada where a retired and an active Mounties help them with an underwater find while the American military stealthily and Reverend Franklin’s Church of Blinding Light clumsily threaten their lives.


The second Rick Prescott and Sarina Lake paranormal thriller is an action-packed investigative tale in which the Masting couple takes the opening sprint before handing the baton off to the lead couple as two is the magic number in this fast-paced story.  Readers will appreciate this exciting entry with the major alien threads tied up intelligently and the American military behaving as expected when conducting an illegal action in Canada; only the Rev’s team comes across as stereotypes.


Harriet Klausner

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