Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tenth Degree Of The Paranormal-Tenth Degree Of The Paranormal

Tenth Degree Of The Paranormal

Brenda Stinnett

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, May 2 2014, $14.98

ISBN: 9781495390807


Barbara Stevens knows how difficult it is to deal with powers that the normal like her former husband Russell would say do not exist or if they believe label as paranormal.  Though she conceals her abnormal ability by refusing to use it, Barbara’s concern is not for herself but for her tweener daughter Tiffany; as like she genetically inherited her talent from her recently deceased mom Katherine so has her child from her.  Before her death Katharine warned Barbara that Tiffany appears to have the rare tenth degree of psychic Power that others will covet for their personal avarice.


Over the objection of Russell who insists Tiffany is normal, Barbara takes their offspring to Dr. Karlovsky for testing.  Not long afterward, Barbara and Tiffany are abducted by fanatics seeking to create a super master race.  While the pair remains incarcerated near Russia, Tiffany begins to display abilities in all ten paranormal disciplines in which the few with talent rarely can perform two skills.  If true and not controlled, she inadvertently will open the abyss and bring hell to earth.


With a nod to the three-generation female relationships of the Ghost Whisperer, Tenth Degree Of The Paranormal is a great thriller; as a mother who spent decades running from her talent will do anything including embrace her skills to keep her cub safe.  Sub-genre fans will appreciate Brenda Stinnett’s exciting good and evil tale as the Momma Grizzly risks her life to protect her beloved daughter.


Harriet Klausner

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