Thursday, June 12, 2014

Death’s Redemption-Marie Hall

Death’s Redemption

Marie Hall

Forever Yours, Jun 3 2014, $17.00

ISBN: 9781455549917


Mila O'Fallen is the last known human seer whose visions enable her to see other people’s past and future fate.  As for herself, she knows her life is harsh if anyone, especially the paranormal, learn of her ability; as they will pursue her.  However to save a girl’s life, Mila exposes herself.


Following her Good Samaritan deed that awakens others to her skills, vampires trap Mila when a big person arrives at the scene.  Frenzy the Grim Reaper plans to harvest another pathetic human soul but is stunned as this mortal has the eyes of his late beloved who perished centuries ago.  Though Mila pleads with him to leave her to die, Frenzy refuses as he feels an attraction like no other since his soul mate left him bereaving.  As they flee together, evil pursues her with a diligence because she is the tool to destroy multiple species.


The second Eternal Lovers romantic urban fantasy (see Death’s Lover) is a fabulous grim (no pun intended) paranormal thriller.  Readers will appreciate the supernatural species (fae, vampires, and werewolves; oh, my) as each of them as well as the skills of the lead power couple come across as genuine.  However, the key to this entertaining tale is the relationship between the good seer and the bad reaper because to our delight love melts his tundra frozen heart.


Harriet Klausner

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