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Knight Of Love-Catherine LaRoche

Knight Of Love

Catherine LaRoche

Pocket eBook, Jun 9 2014, $1.99

ISBN: 9781476710136


In 1848 in the German Confederation, ruthless Prince Kurt von Rotenburg brutalizes his English fiancée Lady Lenora Trevelayan.  He smacks her whenever he believes she behaved inappropriately.  Unwilling to accept his abuse, Lenora becomes determined to go home, but no one will help her out of fear of violent retribution to themselves and their family.  The vicious prince flogs his intended over twenty times in a public square, but Lenora refuses to scream though she cannot walk once the torture ends. 


No one dare assist her except the gentle giant Wolfram von Wolfsbach und Ravensworth the half-English aristocratic blacksmith who realizes the brave English lady is his soul mate.  When Lenora escapes from her prison, she fails to get very far as rebels catch her.  She vows to use her knife to flee or die, but instead their leader Wolfram welcomes his beloved to their camp.


Knight of Love is an entertaining mid nineteenth historical romance made fresh by the location of two English in Germany during the revolution.  Ironically she rejects his love at first sight while testing his gentleness.  Although her second escape engages the audience, it also feels unnecessary as she could just say no to her kind second suitor.  Still subgenre fans will enjoy this exciting drama.


Harriet Klausner

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