Sunday, June 1, 2014

Banishing The Dark-Jenn Bennett

Banishing The Dark Jenn Bennett Pocket, May 27 2014, $7.99 ISBN 9781451695090 Arcadia Bell has no time to heal from her severe wounds or celebrate her triumph over the now dead Hellfire Club Chief Ambrose Dare (see Summoning The Night) as she still has to challenge her murderous mom Enola Duval before time runs out on her. With her recently activated power growing exponentially, Cady continues to search for pertinent information on the Moonchild ritual performed by her malevolent mage parents when she was conceived; enabling Enola’s soul to steal her offspring’s body. As she prepares for her confrontation, her only allies are Hellfire member and her lover Earthbound demon Lon Butler and his teenage son Jupe. To insure evil Enola does not learn from his beloved Cady that she carries his child, Lon erases her memory of being pregnant, but also accidently deletes her knowledge of their love. The latest Arcadia Bell urban fantasy (see Kindling the Moon) is an action-packed exciting thriller that will please series fans. Fast-paced yet character-driven especially by the heroine whose coming of age with her new growing powers, increasing confidence and self-esteem, and love with those who have her back; while preparing to commit justifiable matricide before “Mommy Dearest” sacrifices her. Harriet Klausner

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