Monday, June 2, 2014

Demon Wolf-Bonnie Vanak

Demon Wolf Bonnie Vanak Harlequin Nocturne, Jun 1 2014, $5.75 ISBN: 9780263913965 Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander Dale Curtis and his subordinates know he still suffers from PTSD as well as physical injuries that have impacted his Primary Elemental Mage skills after being tortured by demons. The worst tormenter was a female though he cannot remember who she is. Shapeshifter Keira Solomon prays that the SEAL she met when demons captured him will be able to free her from these evil essences and that he never realizes she was the one who, though forced by their mutual adversarial malevolence, hurt him. When they meet, Dale feels déjà vu but cannot explain why he believes he knows her. As she helps him recuperate and they fall in love, Keira needs a healthy Dale to defeat the demons, but either way she accepts she loses him. The latest Phoenix Force romantic urban fantasy (see The Covert Wolf and Phantom Wolf) is a fabulous thriller due the strong pairing of the lead couple who have an ugly history though the hero remains ignorant as to what she did to him while his lower head and heart recognize her. Readers will relish this exciting suspense as the Elemental SEAL and the beleaguered Shapeshifter must overcome the enemy and their shared past. Harriet Klausner

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