Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fire Rising-Donna Grant

Fire Rising

Donna Grant

St. Martin's, Jun 3 2014, $7.99

ISBN: 9781250041371


In Oban, Scotland, Daniel arrives at the Rose and Crown Pub to warn his partner and former lover Sammi they must leave immediately.  He explains to her shock that he laundered mob money through the pub while skimming some of it.  Before they escape, angry enforcers enter the pub accosting Daniel while demanding to know how much he took and where Sammi is.  Stunned and scared Sammi escapes but not before she takes a bullet to the shoulder while watching her pub as it explodes.


With little cash at hand, a need to stay off the grid and very limited options, Sammi travels to Dreagan, home of her half-sister Jane (see Dawn's Desire in Dark Heat anthology).  Jane and her mate King Banon welcome her.  Sammi and newest Dragon King Tristan meet and are attracted to each other.  However, she believes she must leave before her adversaries blow up Dreagan as they always seem to have found her over the last month on the lam.  Vowing to keep her safe, Tristan and Banon know her wound comes from a dragon bullet, which means an exiled king, probably Ulrich is involved.  As Tristan begins to recover lost memories, he and the woman in distress fall in love.


The latest Dark Kings romantic urban fantasy (see Darkest Flame) is an exciting thriller with another cliffhanger climax even as the lead relationship takes a needed back seat to the threat.  Although not including Sammi’s plight (except for her comments) for that month she runs alone detracts from an overall fine entry as readers never obtain the full taste of her damsel in distress peril.


Harriet Klausner

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