Saturday, June 7, 2014

Scene of the Climb-Kate Dyer-Seeley

Scene of the Climb

Kate Dyer-Seeley

Kensington, Jun 3 2014, $7.99

ISBN: 9780758295316


Unemployed reporter Meg Reed lives on the couch of her bestie since second grade Jill Pettygrove in the upscale Pearl neighborhood of wet Portland, Oregon.  Desperate for a job, she knows the Pulitzer Prize winning The O will not call in spite of or due to her late beloved Pops Charlie having been a lead reporter but on unfriendly terms with the editor-in-chief; especially at a time of layoffs.  However, due to Pops’ lofty investigative reputation and a pink umbrella, Meg meets Greg Dixon, Editor in Chief of Northwest Extreme, who hires her after she exaggerates her accomplishments.


When the magazine’s top gun Mitch falls off Smith Rock, Greg assigns Meg to cover his Race the States on a reality TV adventure show.  Her climbing experience being nada, Meg struggles to reach the summit of Angel's Rest when competitor Lenny goes flying the other way just passed her ascent.  With Pop’s gene pool encouraging her, Meg investigates the apparent accident while an unknown adversary warns her to end her inquiry or she dives next.


The first Pacific Northwest Mystery is a humorous yet taut journalistic mystery held together by a spunky seemingly out of her league heroine working the wonderfully described scenic Portland area.  Not for the hard-boiled, the rookie reporter, with her amusing self-deprecating chick lit asides, works her initial investigation while she prays she contains her Pops’ Mojo.


Harriet Klausner


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