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Face Value: A Rachel Gold Mystery-Michael Kahn

Face Value: A Rachel Gold Mystery

Michael Kahn

Poisoned Pen, Jun 3 2014, $24.95

ISBN 9781464202803


In St. Louis, retired cop turned security guard Tommy Flynn finds the corpse of Sari Bashir in an alley while on a smoke break.  The police conclude the Warner & Olsen law firm attorney committed suicide by jumping from a garage.  However, Warner & Olsen mail room employee Stanley Plotkin believes the cops erred as he knows someone murdered Sari from his in depth knowledge of the Facial Action Coding System; he applies to people to help him compensate for his inability to innately empathize with people or understand their emotions due to his being an Asperger’s syndrome sufferer. 


Having used FACS when he saw Sari just before she died, the Aspie read she was very upset as most young lawyers are but not remotely suicidal.  He explains his contention to attorney Rachel Gold who was a friend of the deceased.  When Sari’s grieving father pleads with Rachel to read the police report, she does and finds some questionable items that provide credence to Stanley’s conclusion of a homicide.


The ninth Rachel Gold Mystery (see Trophy Widow and The Flinch Factor) is a fabulous investigative thriller made fresh by the brilliant Aspie who lacks acceptable social graces and speaks neurotypical English as if it is a second language.  The use of FACS enhances an enjoyable whodunit in which Rachel uncovers improprieties inside the law firm.


Harriet Klausner

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