Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Amish Seamstress-Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould

The Amish Seamstress

Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould

Harvest House, Aug 1 2013, $13.99

ISBN: 9780736926263

Although she knows she will always secretly and unrequitedly love Zed Bayer, who left his Mennonite community to make films, Izzy Mueller relishes her life as a caregiver appreciating the tales told to her by her elderly patients while at the same time she does her other pleasure sewing. As Izzy prepares to join the Amish church, Zed returns to see her. Knowing she is an incredible seamstress, Zed wants to hire his BFF Izzy to create the wardrobe for his next film.

Izzy wants to say yes and since she has not formally committed to the Amish Church, she can accept his offer. However, she also has doubts as she still loves Zed who’s leaving before left her devastated. Izzy believes he never will give up his love of film to join her in the Amish Church even if he loves her but wonders whether she can give up her wants including her family to join him in his world.

The latest Women of Lancaster County romance (see Zed’s sister in The Amish Bride) is a strong entry as the heroine feels tested by God when the love of her life temporarily comes home. Character driven readers will appreciate Izzy’s dilemma as her contented life becomes complicated when her beloved returns to Lancaster County.

Harriet Klausner

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