Friday, August 2, 2013

How To Lose A Bride In One Night-Sophie Jordan

How To Lose A Bride In One Night

Sophie Jordan

Avon, Jul 30 2013, $7.99

ISBN: 9780062033017

Annalise Hadley feels like she lives in a fairy tale when the seventh person in line for throne marries her. She is plain, crippled, illegitimate and unpolished yet the handsome Duke of Bloodsworth chose her. Only one year since her wealthy absentee father Jack Hadley claimed her and her three half-sisters (see Wicked In Your Arms, Wicked Nights With A Lover and Lessons From a Scandalous Bride now all four are happily married.

Traveling on a barge on their wedding night, Bloodsworth brutally takes her while displaying his scorn for the useless cripple. Next he smothers her with a pillow and finally tosses her into the sea.

Annalise survives her ordeal as she ends up at the estate of an Earl, Owen Crawford. He hires a Gypsy healer who helps Annalise recover from her ordeal and fixes her bad leg. Owen and Annalise fall in love though each has doubts; as he suffers from PTSD for what he did in India and she was almost killed by her spouse. Additionally both know legally she remains the married “property” of the influential wife killer.

The final Forgotten Princesses historical romance is an exhilarating entry as the amoral confident duke proves quite an adversary while the lead couple have plenty of doubts re their worthiness. Fast-paced, readers will want to know why the evil duke wed and murdered his bride in a few hours as Sophie Jordan says in the afterward How To Lose A Bride In One Night cleverly rewrites the end of the Chinese fairy tale The Beggar Princess.

Harriet Klausner

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