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Hope Rising from The Ashes-L.F. Falconer

Hope Rising from The Ashes

L.F. Falconer

Outskirts Press, Jul 15 2013, $13.95

ISBN: 9781478702467

Collie leaves Middletown in the Kingdom of Donnel with a broken heart hoping to start anew in the Tillaman Realm after her failed star-crossed affair with beloved Dugan (see Hope Flies on Broken Wings). Kernon the salt trader accompanied by eight years old son Natt gives a ride on his wagon to the tinker's daughter. As they near Sark, a lion with wings attacks from the air and kills Kernon. Hope and Natt survive. Two knights arrive and recognizing one of them as Thoren, who she supped with at King Rhoen’s palace and loathes for wagering on her; she calls for help. She mentions the lion and Thoren and Morgan the other knight turn pale as Seret has returned.

In Sark the oldest brother of the two knights ChiefWarden Dannon takes possession of Kernon’s salt now owned by Natt and uses some of it to pay for one room for his guests at the inn. Upset she turns to Morgan for solace, but finds little there. A blizzard keeps her from crossing the mountains while the sibling knights argue over who owns Collie who clings to the hope of the charm Dugan gave her.

Hope Rising from The Ashes is an exciting sequel at time when Christianity is just beginning to spread. The storyline grips the readers from the moment Seret attacks the salt wagon and never slows down as the heroine struggles with unwanted attention and squabbling from the brothers. Though it helps previously to have read Hope Flies on Broken Wings to understand how the protagonist (and Dugan) got to the point of accepting Kernon’s ride, fans will relish this strong historical.

Harriet Klausner

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