Monday, August 5, 2013

Beneath The Dover Sky-Murray Pura

Beneath The Dover Sky

Murray Pura

Harvest House, Aug 1 2013, $13.99

ISBN: 9780736952880

Though the war to end all wars has been over for several years, as he turns sixty Lord William and his wife Lady Elizabeth remain concerned about their adult children and their grandchildren as the continent remains volatile. Libby and her American husband Michael Woodhaven return from the States as he and Victoria's spouse Ben enter an air race; their crash leaves Michael dead and Ben loses his legs. Widow Catherine Danforth Moore shows no interest in people except her son as she still grieves her loss after two years. Middle son Kipp’s French wife Christelle is dying from cancer while his former fiancée Caroline flirts outrageously with him. The oldest son Edward wins a parliamentary seat as youngest son British soldier Robbie accompanied by his Irish spouse Shannon deploy to the Holy Land as part of a peacekeeping force. Emma resides in London with her mate Jeremy Sweet the vicar.

Timely with another Middle East peace attempt, the second Danforths of Lancashire historical (see Ashton Park) is a fabulous 1920s drama that provides readers with slices of what is happening in Britain (rise of Churchill), Europe (rise of Hitler) and the Holy Land (rise of warring factions). The extended British family enables the reader to see "Snapshots of History" at a critical point when Great Britain and the world struggle with changes caused by WWI’s melting pot of deaths leading to international demands for liberty, equality and justice.

Harriet Klausner

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