Monday, August 5, 2013

Tall, Dark, and Vampire-Sara Humphreys

Tall, Dark, and Vampire

Sara Humphreys

Sourcebooks, Aug 6 2013, $6.99

ISBN 9781402274060

In New York City, Olivia Hollingsworth owns the aptly named Coven night club; a place where her all female vampire coven meet. An Alpha, Olivia is frustrated with her newbie Maya who flaunts rules like the adolescent she is by dining on humans in the club. However, the hunk and blood makes Olivia hot but under control when her creator Vincent, who she has not communicated with in decades, telepathically says she obviously has not had sex in centuries.

Doug Paxton enters the club to the shock of Olivia as he was her true love when they were human but he has been dead for three centuries. Doug also is taken aback by their encounter as he knows the proprietor from his dreams and senses she is trouble. His NYPD homicide detective partner Tom Daly defuses the tension as he explains they are investigating the murder of Ronald Davis found in a nearby dumpster on Second; his friends said he was at the Coven last night with Maya. As more homicides follow the vampiress and the cop team up trying to end one of her kind’s killings; while also dealing with their still beating love.

This rousing romantic urban fantasy returns to Humphreys’ world (see the Amoveo shapeshifter series - Untamed and Undone, etc.) with a refreshing new focus on a different paranormal species. The sleuthing is terrific as Olivia and Doug provide fans with a tour of supernatural Manhattan, but it is the second chance at love between two strong individuals that enhances this entertaining thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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