Monday, August 12, 2013

Kindred and Wings-Philippa Ballantine

Kindred and Wings

Philippa Ballantine

Pyr, Aug 6 2013, $19.00

ISBN 9781616147792

Hybrid Manesto-Vaerli Finn the Fox and purebred Vaerli Talyn the Hunter know they must part to fulfill their respective quests. However, each holds the other dearly though both have mixed feelings about their undesirable attraction that they deny is love (see Hunter and Fox).

Finn rides Wahirangi the dragon away from the Conhaero in search of Ysel, a sibling he never knew existed until recently. Filled with remorse for opting for survival when she joined the world ruling Caisah after they massacred her Vaerli; Talyn must choose between becoming her people’s avenger and their Seer. Meanwhile her brother Byre continues his mission to save his Vaerli by entering the deadly fiery Kindred realm seeking to renew the once powerful agreement his ancestors had with the dragons.

The second Shifted World fantasy is an exciting quest thriller with three fascinating subplots starring the lead trio on separate adventures before somewhat coming together in a brisk constantly changing landscape. Although the overarching theme fails to move forward very much, readers will appreciate Philippa Ballantine’s entertaining tale as the heroes and the audience never know what will happen next in a world in which a mountain becomes a lake in a nanosecond (try building an app for that map).

Harriet Klausner

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