Thursday, August 8, 2013

Plain Fear: Forgiven-Leanna Ellis

Plain Fear: Forgiven

Leanna Ellis

Sourcebooks, Aug 6 2013, $14.99

ISBN 9781402279799

Though he did it to save the lives of former cop Englisher Roc Girouard and his shunned wife Rachel, Samuel Fisher feels guilt for committing fratricide following his shooting his brother Jacob; even if his sibling had become the vampire Akiva. Even his sibling’s “funeral” feels wrong though man of god Roberto Hellman insists this is the only way. At the same time Remiel the Angel takes Jacob with him though the latter pleads to let him go back to keep Samuel off the dark vampiric path he followed; the angel says he is too late.

Meanwhile their father sends Samuel to help his injured other brother Levi. He prefers not to go as he fears bringing his tsuris to Levi who married Rachel’s sister Hannah who Samuel once courted but staying seems worse especially with his Mamm’s fussing. Soon he and his friends including his first love Naomi face a vampiric horde while Jacob begs Remiel again to let him try to help his brother.

The third Plain Fear Amish-vampire urban fantasy (see and Forsaken) is an engaging thriller as Samuel struggles between surrender to the dark side like Jacob did and adhering to scripture. Though the level of remorse rivals the stratospheric suffering of Rachel in Forbidden giving the entertaining storyline a déjà vu feel, series fans will enjoy this entry wondering which way the beleaguered protagonist will go.

Harriet Klausner

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