Saturday, May 30, 2015

What the Prince Wants - Jules Bennett

What the Prince Wants
Jules Bennett
Harlequin Desire, Jun 1 2015, $5.25
ISBN: 9780373733903

Galini Isle Prince Mikos Colin Alexander promised his brother King Stefan (see Behind Palace Doors) he would return to the tiny kingdom off of Greece within six months; as required by law to avoid forfeiting his royal standing.  The throne’s heir needed to escape the media after the accident left his wife dead and him temporarily in a wheelchair.  Though physically recovered, the widower remains emotionally shaken even as his marriage had collapsed before his spouse died.  The prince and his baby daughter Iris temporarily reside in Los Angeles. 

Hiding his royalty, Colin interviews the head of the Loving Hands Children Agency Darcy Cooper for the position of Iris’ nanny.  Both are surprised by the attraction and the looks of the other; as he expected a grandmother not a curvaceous young beauty and she anticipated a harried tired father not a hunk.  Thanks to her ex pilfering money from her firm, Darcy slept in her car until her BFF moved her onto her sofa, and had to let go the entire Loving Hands Children Agency staff.  Though she avoided babies, Darcy needs this job to save the business her grandma established.  Colin believes she is too young, but gives her one day to prove herself.  As Darcy proves a God-send with her nurturing of Iris, she and Colin fall in love; but he has a royal secret that is the hidden elephant in the room.

The latest Billionaires and Babes romance is a pleasant contemporary as the infant’s needs come before the desires of the lead adults.  Although the climax feels rushed, readers will root for a royal wedding in the Kingdom of Galini.

Harriet Klausner

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