Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cottonmouth And The End - C.S. Fritz

Cottonmouth And The End
C.S. Fritz
David C. Cook, May 1 2015, $7.99
ISBN: 9781434706911

Grieving the loss of his friend Tug the Comforter especially since he sacrificed himself to save his life; Frederick Cottonmouth and his BFF Yellowthroat the small bird walk through the Darkness to the tree they seek that leads to the Big Blue where he prays he can find the girl.  They enter the portal that only a child could fit through into more Darkness.  However, Yellowthroat leaves Freddie inside the tree to go back and retrieve the egg his youthful companion inadvertently left behind. 

Fearing for his buddy, Yellowthroat finds the tree’s door disappeared.  The desperate bird struggles to locate a new entrance to the Big Blue when he meets friends Gloom and Matilda.  They run into Secret who demands payment for informing the trio of another path.  Inside the tree, Menson the rat accosts Freddie.

Targeting middle school children, the third Cottonmouth allegory (see Cottonmouth and the River and Cottonmouth and the Great Gift) will remind readers of Narnia.  The title character is magnificent and his support cast classified as good (his allies), bad (Secret), ugly (Menson), and heavenly fatherly (Tug).  With fabulous drawings like the eerie expanding darkness mindful of the Neverending Story augmenting an enchanting climax, fans will relish the escapades of courageous Cottonmouth as he reaches “The End” knowing now that God accompanied him on every step he took while also remains with him with his new beginning.

Harriet Klausner

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