Monday, May 25, 2015

A Match For Marcus Cynster - Stephanie Laurens

A Match For Marcus Cynster
Stephanie Laurens
Mira, May 26 2015, $7.99
ISBN: 9780778318347

In 1849 Scotland, Marcus Cynster believes he will soon meet and marry his Fate.  Though attracted to independent Niniver Carrick, Marcus believes she cannot be his; as Fate could not so kind. 

One year later, with her dad dead, her oldest brother missing and assumed dead like her other male siblings, Niniver learns how bad the clan’s finances are.  She vows to never marry as she cannot have a spouse interfere with her making it right for Clan Carrick.  Knowing unwanted suitors will pursue her, Niniver turns to someone she trusts though fearful of her desire for him, her neighbor Marcus for help.  Surrounded by Cynster females, Marcus knows firsthand strong women and believes now that Niniver is his Fate, but she needs to conclude on her own that he is her fate too.

The third Cynster’s Next Generation (see By Winter’s Light) is an appealing leisurely-paced Victorian romantic suspense that behooves the audience to first read Marcus’ twin Lucilla’s novel (see The Tempting of Thomas Carrick); which sets up much of the action in this tale.  The contemplative, compassionate chats between the leads make their relationship seem real; as Stephanie Laurens authors another winner.

Harriet Klausner

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