Friday, May 8, 2015

Rock With Wings (Leaphorn and Chee Mysteries) - Anne Hillerman

Rock With Wings (Leaphorn and Chee Mysteries)
Anne Hillerman
Harper, May 5 2015, $26.99
ISBN 9780062270511

Looking forward to a brief vacation with her husband Sergeant Jim Chee at his clan brother’s new abode in nearby Monument Valley, Navaho Nation Tribal Officer Bernadette Manuelito stops a speeding car just outside Shiprock, New Mexico.  As required Manuelito openly records the traffic stop.  The driver Mr. Miller carries an illegal loaded gun in the glove compartment.  Increasingly agitated Miller stuns Manuelito when he offers her a bribe to forget the incident especially since the vehicle seems clean of drugs though contained two odd boxes of dirt.  Manuelito arrests him for offering her money.

In Monument Valley, Chee accepts a job.  Near a movie set, he searches for a reported missing person but finds what appears to be a fresh grave.  At the same, his wife struggles with a drug sting that turned ugly and Miller’s dirt that may have lasting significant impact on the Navaho and their land.  Although still recuperating from recent injuries suffered while helping the married police couple on a case (see Spider Woman’s Daughter), their retired mentor former Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn once again guides them on their respective investigations.

Two for two, Anne Hillerman captures the essence of her legendary late father’s characters and their locale in her second tremendous Leaphorn and Chee (and Manuelito) Navaho police procedural.  The absorbing glimpse into tribal history and customs enhance several fabulous Southwest mysteries.

Harriet Klausner

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