Saturday, September 12, 2015

Urban Flight - Jonathan Kirshner

Urban Flight
Jonathan Kirshner
Fithian Press/Daniel & Daniel Publishers, Sep 7 2015, $15.95
ISBN: 9781564745736

As the Daily News reports President Ford tells New York City to financially “drop dead”, WNYS-TV manager Jeb Morgan secretly expands the role of helicopter pilot Jason Sims beyond just flying traffic reporter Dave Edwards to report on the same snarled daily congestion.  At a time when all Big Apple news including the Mets never changes from the horrific Jeb wants Jason to observe the city’s questionable dealings from the sky. 

As Jason increases his flying hours, his best friend investigative journalist Adam Shaker looks into a scandal that seemingly includes Mayor Cohen and the Brooklyn borough president.  Soon Jason’s additional “unreported” (to authorities as required) duties takes him to the heart of Adam’s inquiry and both men to History Professor Alison Monroe. 

This is an excellent look back at NYC during the Mayor Beame deadlock years in which corruption, garbage, traffic, and on the verge of bankruptcy ruled the city.  In spite of the cast especially the thirty-something lead males being very interesting and fully developed and the suspense gripping; the collapsing city steals the show.  As to the rhetorical question posed by Jason as to who (in 1975) goes to the ''The Bronx? No thonx!'' (Ogden Nash before he repented); I and my future husband proudly did as the Hunter (Lehman) College and Pelham Parkway-Allerton Ave. areas were great places for yuppies.

Harriet Klausner

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