Monday, September 28, 2015

Trouble on the Thames - Victor Bridges

Trouble on the Thames
Victor Bridges
Poisoned Pen British Library Crime Classics, Oct 6 2015, $12.95
ISBN 9781464204937

Depressed British Navy Lieutenant Commander Owen Bradwell returns to London believing his military career ended after the Admiralty brass sent him home on medical leave due to his recently occurred color blindness affliction.  The assigned doctor informs him his chance of recovery is 1 in a thousand; thus his career sunk. 

With the rise of the Nazis and their thirst for war, and checking with Bradwell’s former superior officer Captain Carmichael, British Naval Intelligence Captain Greystoke feels the LTC can be a valuable needed asset.  Because his new recruit personally knew the late treasonous Lieutenant A. G. Medlicot when both were stationed in China, Greystoke assigns him to infiltrate a German spy ring tied to the traitor.  American expatriate and Mayflower Club owner Mark Craig heads the espionage cell working along the Thames.  At the same time interior decorator Sally Deane tries to deal with Granville Sutton, who is blackmailing her sister Sheila and Craig.  After being hit on the head, Bradwell regains consciousness to find Sutton’s murdered corpse lying next to him.  He next meets Deane when she saves his life.

This reprint of a fine 1945 published spy vs. spy thriller is a likable pre-WWII drama.  Though a bit fluffy at times due to lighthearted banter that feels out of place, but also somewhat mindful of Agent Carter; Trouble on the Thames entertains the audience.

Harriet Klausner

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