Sunday, September 20, 2015

Teasing Her Seal - Anne Marsh

Teasing Her Seal
Anne Marsh
Harlequin Blaze, Sep 15 2015, $5.50
ISBN: 9780373798674

Their current mission abruptly aborted, US Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander Gray Jackson and his unit immediately head to Belize where they will go undercover at luxurious Fantasy Island.  Their new assignment is to capture a drug runner.  Gray obtains a position as a massage therapist.

Unemployed emergency room surgeon Laney Parker leaves behind her cheating fiancĂ©e and her former six days a week trauma job in San Francisco to go on her nonrefundable honeymoon alone at Fantasy Island.  When the masseur massages her, Laney and Gray think of heaven.  Neither expected much more than a heated fling, but love enters the equation.

This Uniformly Hot! (see Anne Marsh’s Wicked Secrets) contemporary is a heated romance, but never obtains the level of blazing scorcher anticipated from what readers learn early on about Fantasy Island (though hotter than Mr. Roarke’s version).  Still the audience will enjoy the mental and physical massages between the dazed doctor and the stunned SEAL as love leaves both fantasizing about happily ever after.

Harriet Klausner

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