Sunday, September 20, 2015

High Country Hideout - Elle James

High Country Hideout
Elle James
Harlequin Intrigue, Sep 15 2015, $5.50
ISBN: 9780373698615

Soldier Angus Ketchum lost a leg during his fourth tour in Afghanistan.  Covert Cowboys, Inc. hires the veteran though Angus cannot understand why Hank Derringer took on a Wounded Warrior as a field operative.  Sexagenarian Last Chance Ranch foreman CW Reinhardt contacted his military buddy Derringer to provide protection for his boss Widow Reggie Davis and her five years old son Tad because of increasingly dangerous occurrences.

Derringer assigns Ketchum, who worked on a Texas ranch, as an undercover cowhand at the Colorado Rockies spread protecting Reggie and Tad.  He meets the owner in the field when he rescues her from spooked cattle only to have her yell at him.  Reggie has no money to pay Angus, but hesitantly even after CW’s support, provides room and board for Angus and even more reluctantly his dog Ranger.  When the peril mounts, the veteran and the canine rise to the occasion to keep safe the woman and child they adore.

The seventh Covert Cowboys Inc. romantic suspense (see Navy Seal Newlywed) is a pleasant contemporary in which for much of the storyline the emphasis is on caring relationships.  There is action especially late in the plot, but the falling in love interplay between the Widow and the “One-Legged Cowboy” takes center stage. 

Harriet Klausner

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