Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Red-Rose Chain - Seanan McGuire

A Red-Rose Chain
Seanan McGuire
DAW, Sep 1 2015, $7.99
ISBN: 9780756408091

Portland, Oregon area Kingdom of Silences King Rhys declares war on the San Francisco based Kingdom of the Mists by claiming the latter committed treacherous acts when Queen Arden took the throne instead of the “rightful” ruler.  Trying to prevent hostilities from heating up, Queen Arden assigns October Daye as a diplomat to negotiate a peaceful solution that may prevent many unnecessary Fae deaths.

Knowing there are much better choices at the Mists court than someone like her who shoots first, Toby concludes Arden cleverly selected her because she expected the usual chaotic destruction that Daye brings to wherever she goes.  Thus Toby believes her real mission is to remove Rhys from the throne without causing bloodshed; which is okay by her because the king’s gory viciousness towards her race of changelings is an abomination she cannot accept and besides he allied with the Mists’ deposed, despotic and dead previous monarch.  However, Toby and her retinue including her fiancĂ© Tybalt fail to account for diabolical Rhys’ ability to manipulate his opponents.  He now has her where he wants her because she possesses something he covets that Toby cannot afford to lose.

The ninth October Daye urban fantasy (see The Winter Long) is an exhilarating entry in which the heroine tries her best to prevent a Fae Pacific Coast war from occurring.  Toby is awesome in her diplomatic role as she has to control her urge to kick butt while also accepting crap tossed in her face; and at the same time prevent Rhys from usurping a critical part of her.  Series fans will relish this seemingly transitional novel with the overarching twist of October Daye, peace negotiator.

Harriet Klausner

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