Sunday, September 6, 2015

Safe In Noah’s Arms - Mary Sullivan

Safe In Noah’s Arms
Mary Sullivan
Harlequin SuperRomance, Sep 1 2015, $6.75
ISBN: 9780373609253

In Accord, Colorado Judge Easton sentences affluent widow Monica Accord to 200 hours of community service on Noah Cameron’s organic farm.  Having driven under the influence Monica hit Noah, breaking his arm and destroyed his vintage bike.

Noah has had a crush on Monica for over two decades, but hates her shallowness.  Already irate at her, Noah hates stuttering like he did as a teen; but also believes his farm-hand is pathetic when she destroys baby radishes that she thought were weeds.  However when she accompanies him as he distributes food to needy families, he begins to reassess the airhead “Golden Girl” who  is very kind to cancer victim Kaley and afterward lectures Noah on what he does wrong in helping the poor.  When she fails to arrive at the farm, he rips into Monica who says he never set a schedule.  Observing the entire affair, Kaley tells Noah he erred as Monica got her two part-time jobs and gave her clothing to dress properly.  As they fall in love, Noah expects Monica to betray him the way the rich (like Deirdre in New Orleans) always do; so a theft only affirms his belief.  At the same time Monica learns a lesson about family.

Readers will enjoy this pleasant contemporary romance starring two former secondary characters (see In From the Cold) who prove able to handle top billing.  Feisty Monica makes the family drama engaging; as she refuses to take crap from her two employers, Noah and his mom.  Noah is very realistic with his prejudice worn on his sleeve, but his constant instant condemnation of Monica becomes tiresome even if it rings authentic.  This is a delightful Rocky Mountain romance.

Harriet Klausner

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