Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Butterfly Waltz - Jane Tesh

Butterfly Waltz
Jane Tesh
Silver Leaf Books, Jun 15 2015, $17.95
ISBN: 9781609751241

Ambitious Galaxy News Weekly tabloid reporter Jake Brenner searches for the supernatural story that will make him famous and wealthy.  He knows his only hope at success resides with his best friend musician Desmond Fairweather, who seems to own a magical charm that ease people’s natural reluctance to strangers.  Jake blackmails Des to come with him to investigate talking flowers at the Snowden Estate in Maine in exchange for arranging an audition with the local symphony.

Upon arriving at their destination Jake feels immediately protective of vulnerable twentyish Christine Snowden.  Des plays a composition he wrote on their host’s piano; his music stirs hidden magical Kalida.  Attracted to the pianist, Kalida keeps her distance for fear that her former Legion compatriots will leave the Caverns to hunt her down and anyone she cherishes like this Des.

Butterfly Waltz is a charming romantic fantasy in which readers will believe the Lovin’ Spoonful is right in that the “magic’s in the music and the music’s in” (Des).  The beguiling romances lead the audience to anticipate two diverse confrontations: one on the human plane and the other on an esoteric supernatural level.

Harriet Klausner

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