Thursday, September 10, 2015

Supersymmetry - David Walton

David Walton
Pyr, Sep 1 2015, $17.00
ISBN 9781633880986

Fifteen years ago, paranoid physicist Ryan Oronzi created super soldier technology that led to the creation of a seemingly invincible quantum species the Varcolac.  This new creature took control of Dr. Oronzi’s mind with megalomaniac plans to rule the world.  However Jacob Kelley and his daughter Alessandra split into Sandra the cop and Alex the physicist defeated the Varcolac (see Superposition).

In the present Jacob enjoys a baseball game with over 40,000 other fans at Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park when something devastated the ballpark killing everyone there including Jacob.  At the horrific mass murder sight, Jacob’s police officer daughter Sandra sees his corpse at the same time she receives a call from her dad.  Meanwhile even more unhinged New Jersey Supercollider’s High Energy Lab chief scientist Oronzi continues to develop a super weapon inside a “universe”, but has second thoughts re the test as he fears the Varcolac resides inside this prison.  When the ultimate evil fulfills Oronzi’s prophecy, Alex kills a VIP whom Varcolac possessed.  With the same personal goal as her “twin” to avoid reuniting, Alex, accompanied by Oronzi break Jean Massey out of prison in a last ditch effort to prevent the Varcolac from world domination.

The stupendous sequel to Superposition is an action-packed, over the top of the Kittatinny Mountains science fiction.  Faster than a subatomic particle inside a supercollider, Supersymmetry is a gripping thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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