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Twin Flames: A Love Story Across Time and Dimensions-Carolyn R. Prescott

Twin Flames: A Love Story Across Time and Dimensions

Carolyn R. Prescott

Outskirts Press, Apr 11 2013, $18.95

ISBN: 9781478715085

Seventeen year old twins Lily and Catrina Johentzen are total opposites except when it comes to the “Annoyance” AKA younger brother. The three siblings and their parents are on vacation in Browning, Montana when they wander into a closed area because the prohibition sign was misaligned. A shard of glass cuts Lily in her forehead. She is rushed to the hospital while over the next few weeks she has vivid visions of someone named Sings to Flowers of the First Nation People. The Wind knows who she is even as a stunned Lily tells nurse Mary Tall Chief about these dreams that seem more like memories especially of her loving Little Bear and having that love destroyed; yet not destroyed as she feels a deep resolve to find her Little Bear.

Little Bear died two centuries ago. He has transcended to the fifth dimension as Ahhatome but remembers his time on the third dimension called earth. Looking at the Record of his time as Little Bear, Ahhatome recalls his love for Sings to Flowers who remains everything to him.

Twin Flames is a fascinating look at a Native American belief system through mostly the filters of Twin Flames united in love. Character driven by the star-crossed lovers and to a lesser degree Catrina, readers who relish something different will appreciate this complex look at eternal spiritualism.

Harriet Klausner

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