Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cobra Slave-Timothy Zahn

Cobra Slave

Timothy Zahn

Baen, Jun 4 2013, $15.00

ISBN: 9781451638998

On Aventine, following the Troft War, Nissa Gendreves, second in command to Governor-General Chintawa, accuses the extended Moreau-Broom family with sedition for providing ISIS technology to their allies the Qasaman Empire. Cobra Lorne Broom provides testimony explaining what happened to Chintawa, Commodore Santores head of a fleet of visiting Dominion of Man warships, DOM Marine Colonel Reivaro and Dorian warship Captain Barrington Jame Moreau.

After completing his sworn statement and answering questions, some very hostile, Lorne, his Uncle Corwin and other family members agree that the DOM seem more interested in the Qasama Empire than what happened during the recent war and control of the five Cobra worlds. Corwin explains he is erasing Qasama information. However, Lorne’s sister Jody knows the location of the Qasama and needs to leave Aventine ASAP. She is too late as DOM Marines abduct her and take her recorder that contains Qasama data. At the same time, their oldest sibling Merrick is undercover trying to destroy a Troft life and death gaming human enslavement ring.

The first Cobra Rebellion entry is an engaging military science fiction thriller as the DOM fleets make first contact in decades with the objectives to annex the Cobra worlds and look into the Qasama. The freedom fighting is fast-paced excitement on land and in space that series fans expect from Timothy Zahn though the enemy leaders are too pretentious in their superiority belief; ignoring the evidence by refusing to accept that century old technology defeated the Troft.

Harriet Klausner

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