Saturday, June 8, 2013

Once A Champion-Jeannie Watt

Once A Champion

Jeannie Watt

Harlequin SuperRomance, Jun 4 2013, $5.75

ISBN: 9780373718573

Champion calf roper Matt Montoya has searched for his missing horse Beckett since his then separated cheating wife Trena sold him over a year ago. Ironically, clues lead him to his neighbor’s ranch; but the condition of the spread shocks him. Instead of Tim Bailey, he runs into the owner’s daughter Liv, a physical therapist he has not seen in a dozen years since she tutored him in high school. Liv informs him she bought the horse from Trena, which was a legal sale as this is a community property state and they were still married.

She knows she is still attracted to him as she was in school, but refuses a relationship having just ended an engagement. Attracted to her, Matt no longer ignores the brain as her intelligence scared him when they were teens, but not now. As they argue over a horse’s ownership, they fall in love but in spite of a bad knee injury she expects he will return to the circuit and forget about her.

This is a delightful ranch romance due to a super support cast and the lead couple’s conflicting issues. He is like a champion boxer coming out of retirement (think of Ali-Holmes and Leonard-Camacho) while she fears controlling males. Readers will enjoy the roper and the therapist falling in love.

Harriet Klausner

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