Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sisters of Mercy Flat-Lori Copeland

Sisters of Mercy Flat

Lori Copeland

Harvest House, Jun 1 2013, $12.99

ISBN: 9780736930222

In 1864 Texas, the three McDougal sisters (Anne-Marie, Amelia, and Abigail) rationalize their conning men out of their money by giving half of their illegal earnings to the mission orphanage where they grew up. However, their latest swindle near Nacogdoches failed when Randy McQuade saw through their nun disguises. They head to jail in a wagon when Comanche attack killing the driver whiles their coach careens down a cliff into a ravine.

Hershall Digman, Morgan Kane and a Crow arrive just before the six Comanche come to rescue the nuns. Separately Hershall leaves with Abigail; Morgan with Amelia; and the Crow with Anne-Marie who shouts to her siblings Church Rock.

Sick of dandy Digman who refuses to take her to Mercy Flats as he insists on going to Shreveport, Abigail steals his horse only to find he carried top secret documents in his saddlebag. Putting aside his bowler, irate Confederate Captain Barrett Drake chases after the thief who stole his papers that could save lives. When she catches up to him, they agree to team up completing his mission. As they fall in love while on the road, neither trusts the other or the Lord.

This reprint of the first McDougal sisters Civil War romance (see Promise Me Today) is an entertaining historical starring a courageous female and a disguised Bundy traveling shoe salesman. Filled with humor and a renewal of faith, fans will enjoy this lighthearted tale as Abigail’s amusing antics turns upside down Drake’s life.

Harriet Klausner

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