Thursday, June 13, 2013

Allegra Jackson: Sex, Booze and Designer Shoes-Amelia Benjamin

Allegra Jackson: Sex, Booze and Designer Shoes

Amelia Benjamin

Fanny Press, Jun1 2013, $15.95

ISBN: 9781603815284

In London, Allegra Jackson is the best headhunter for finding talented models. She worked for six years at the Valentina Blackheart Models, but her boss asks her to clean up the messy Los Angeles branch. She agrees and heads to L.A. where she is shocked by how poorly Dominic Rosenberg runs the place although his assistant Atlanta seems willing to learn. She calls her assistant Oliver and tells him to cross the pond ASAP. The two Brits take charge and begin to change the branch starting with reducing the number of models and making those kept high end.

All is perfect in her new Southern California world until Allegra meets realtor Sebastian Beaumont. Always adhering to her love them and leave them mantra, she knows something is wrong with her as she considers a committed relationship.

Allegra Jackson is a unique refreshing lead character who enjoys all types of sex, being a field general in the modeling world, expensive champagne, designer clothing and more sex. The storyline focuses on her lifestyle, which enables the audience to observe how a high end modeling firm operates. The marvelous modeling subplot competes for supremacy with the torrid trysts; although both are engagingly well written as Amelia Benjamin provides an entertaining erotica.

Harriet Klausner

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