Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sovereign-Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee


Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee

Faith Words, Jun 18 2013

ISBN: 9781599953595

For over four centuries since the release of the Legion virus, the planet has been peaceful under the control of The Order. However, humanity died with Legion as everyone became human Corpses. In 471 since the Legion went airborne, Jonathan was born as the first throwback living human whose blood converted the Corpses into Mortals. Guardians like Rom Sebastian risked their lives to keep the new hope future Sovereign safe, but failed six years ago when Jonathan was assassinated. His most dedicated followers sipped some of Jonathan’s dripping blood and reverted to Mortal.

The Order has defeated most of Jonathan’s followers. The insurgents’ morale is low as their faith is gone since almost all no longer believe in Jonathan’s resurrection; as they originally did when he died. Rom leads a party of forty-nine doubting rebels struggling to survive against the all mighty Order that plans to eradicate them and the Corpses that distrust these living Mortals.

The third Books Of Mortals Christian allegory is an exciting action-packed finish to the symbolic laden fantasy. Fans need to have read Forbidden and Mortal to understand better the imagery (often seemingly vague) references and how the hero and others got to this point. Sovereign is a strong completion of the Circle of life with an emphasis on the color Red for blood.

Harriet Klausner

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