Saturday, June 22, 2013

Michael's Angel-Karen Wiesner

Michael's Angel

Karen Wiesner, Jul 1 2013

ISBN: 9781300028888

Michael Fremont was a small child when his mother, who made it clear she never wanted him, committed suicide. Over the next decade he bounced around the foster family program as no one wanted him. The last few years he stayed with the Stern family in North Chicago while doing the blackmailing bidding of his foster sister Eliza. However, in two weeks he will leave the system and take his vulnerable fearful BFF LeeAnn Wagner with him. Her mother, accompanied by LeeAnn, spent a lifetime running from her raging husband Samson Oligee who wanted his cheating wife and someone else’s child dead; he is dead so Leeann is free. Meanwhile, feeling unworthy of LeeAnn, Michael panicked when his desire for her seemed out of control. After insuring her safety from her dad, Michael enlisted in the Marines.

After his four year military service is over, Michael returns home a civilian needing to learn how his LeeAnn is. In Peaceful, Wisconsin, Michael finds a much stronger LeeAnn who needed their time apart to blossom. Already in love with each other and both finding solace with the Lord, he prays she gives him a second chance and she prays he takes a second chance. In the darkness looking into Eden, someone else covets a second chance at LeeAnn and if necessary Michael.

The second Friendship Heirloom inspirational romantic suspense (see Clumsy Girl’s Guide To Falling In Love) is an engaging thriller starring two vulnerable lost souls finding each other twice when they needed someone to care about them and coming to God when they needed solace. His angel and her hero come together in a strong tale as Karen “the writing wizard” Wiesner provides another entertaining Peaceful entry.

Harriet Klausner

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