Sunday, June 23, 2013

April’s Promise-Karen Rose Smith

April’s Promise

Karen Rose Smith

Amazon Digital Services, Jun 9 2013, $2.99


Single dad Gabe Chronister thought he could work from his home while caring for his three year old daughter Stephie while the nanny is away on a family medical emergency. The CEO learned how wrong he was.

Gabe’s mother-in-law Winnifred Remmington calls her living daughter April to tell her that Gabe and Stephie need her. Taking vacation time, April heads from her temporary assignment in Los Angeles to Cedar Corners, Virginia to help. She also thinks back to when she dated him five years ago but was not ready to marry so instead fled to Singapore on a one year business assignment. While she was overseas, her late sister Vanessa captured Gabe’s heart. Eight months ago, Vanessa, dying from an accident, confessed to April that Stephie is not Gabe’s daughter. Feeling guilt for her death bed promise not to reveal Vanessa dying secret, April helps Gabe with Stephie even as both realize their attraction remains strong. However, she fears how he will react if he learns the truth and he fears she likes his BFF Nicholas.

The first Forever Love contemporary is a strong tale due to the fully developed cast; as readers get to know what motivated April and Gabe today and five years ago, and though them Vanessa. Fans will appreciate this engaging tale as no one writes family dramas better than Karen Rose Smith consistently authors.

Harriet Klausner

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