Monday, October 1, 2012

Cricket Maiden-Algenes Edmund Dantes

Cricket Maiden

Algenes Edmund Dantes

GM Publishing, Jan 26 2012, $35.00

ISBN: 9781467947879

In 1810 Bangalore, the annual Colonial Championship cricket final between the East India Company XI and Deccan XI is fixed by bookman Cashman to insure the latter wins. However, Lord Gregory gives the star of the East India team Hughie Dawson the “Enchanted Willow” magic bat which he uses to win the match for his company. Immediately following the match, Hughes becomes engaged to Dame Andalusia. Following that, Cashman and Hughie’s teammate Lord Clarkson assault them killing Andalusia.

Two centuries later, the affluent Dawson siblings arrange a three-match Twenty-Twenty series between Amateurs XI and Professional XI teams. Covering the matches for Evening Chronicles is six foot fashion reporter Amelia Kanowski who knows nothing about the sport. Everyone is shocked when the amateurs led by Captain Chris Dawson wins the first match. However that night someone murders the coach of the Amateur team with bet fixers the most likely suspects. The team’s star batsman Amay Indulkar loses his form and the second match. While detectives Landon Beau and Bob Davidson investigate the homicide, the cricket world-wide search for the missing “Enchanted Willow” continues.

This is an entertaining but odd good and evil sports drama that focuses on cricket as a mystical way of life by its worldwide fans and most players at the same time betters buy players to throw the match. The well written storyline contains romance, mystery, fantasy, bet fixing and cricket, but I personally had problems with terms and rules (glossary would have helped), which distracted from the tale. Still Algenes Edmund Dantes targets cricket fans, who will appreciate the spiritual enlightenment that the author brings to the sport.

Harriet Klausner

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