Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Cowboy For Christmas-Lori Wilde

A Cowboy For Christmas

Lori Wilde

Avon, Oct 30 2012, $5.99

ISBN: 9780062047809

At the Scarborough Renaissance Fair in Waxahachie, Lady Divine the fortune-teller tells teenager Lisette that a “dark” cowboy will change her life. Lisette soon meets and marries Jake Moncrief. They settle down in Jubilee, Texas, but four years later he leaves her a widow when he died in combat in Afghanistan. She raises their baby alone with her biggest shock being her husband failed to name her or their infant beneficiaries; they are entitled to no widow or dependency benefits as the brass further ruled Jake disobeyed a direct order when the IED killed him.

Jake’s half-brother Rafferty Jones arrives from Los Angeles to give his late sibling’s widow the life insurance that should have gone to her. They meet when their vehicles collide. She refuses the money he brought to her that he believes belongs to her and Kyle. Instead he offers to train Jake’s cutting horse so when she sells it she can receive more money for the steed. As they fall in love, both have family issues to prevent them from coming together permanently.

The latest Jubilee romance (see The Cowboy and the Princess, and The Cowboy Takes a Bride) is a warm family drama starring two likable protagonists and a strong support cast. The beneficiary issue adds a sense of realism as this is a genuine problem that occurs more frequently than most people realize. Although there is too much angst, fans will enjoy A Cowboy For Christmas especially if like Rafferty, he is “a man for all seasons”.

Harriet Klausner

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