Thursday, October 11, 2012

To Tempt An Irish Rogue-Kaitlin O’Riley

To Tempt An Irish Rogue

Kaitlin O’Riley

Zebra, Nov 6 2012, $6.99

ISBN 9781420112405

In 1876, Paulette Hamilton enjoys her life as a single person with no desire to marry. She especially likes working at her family’s bookstore in London. One customer changes her feelings about marriage when widower Lord Declan Reeves, accompanied by his young daughter, Mara enters the bookstore to buy the child a book.

Paulette feels for the silent Mara who has been mute since she watched her mom die in a horrid fire; in which her dad is the only suspect. Ironically like Paulette, Declan has had no motive to wed in his case because of his miserable first marriage. Yet he and Paulette share an attraction. As he begins to frequent the bookstore, they fall in love, but the tragic fiery death of his late spouse stands between them.

The fourth Hamilton Sisters Victorian romance (see When His Kiss is Wicked, Desire In His Eyes and It Happened One Christmas) is a superb historical as the lead couple team up in investigating the death of his wife. Fast-paced from that first memorable meeting in the store, fans will appreciate this romantic mystery while rooting for this couple and his child to find out what happened that devastated a father and daughter so that the pair can move on with Paulette’s love making them whole.

Harriet Klausner

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