Sunday, October 14, 2012

Notorious Countess Confesses-Julie Anne Long

Notorious Countess Confesses

Julie Anne Long

Avon, Oct 30 2012, $5.99

ISBN: 9780062118028

A courtesan Evie Duggan moved up in the world when she married an earl to the shock of the scandalized aristocracy. However, not long after they wed, her husband dies. The Ton gleefully names Evie “The Black Widow”.

To escape the relentless nasty gossip, Evie flees to her only possession from her short marriage, a Sussex manor house in Pennyroyal Green. However, her dreams of a peaceful widowhood end when the gossip arrives faster than she did. When she attends the local church, the ladies shun her. However, Vicar Adam Sylvaine welcomes her to the congregation upsetting some of his more opinioned flock. Adam finds the newcomer stirs his Eversea blood as he wants Evie; she feels the same way about him. However, as their attraction grows, each knows why it is wrong for them to embrace their heart’s desire which could be her salvation or ruination.

The latest Pennyroyal Green historical romance (see What I Did for a Duke) is an enjoyable tale of “forbidden” love. Ironically, the freshness comes from the insight into how the villagers feel about a Delilah tempting their Samson yet that also slows the pace of the relationship between the vicar and the countess. Containing an intelligent fascinating storyline, fans will enjoy the Notorious Countess Confesses.

Harriet Klausner

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